Go On Offense With Your Life!

As an athlete at heart, I often look at business, life and success through the lens of sports. 

You can either live your life on Offense or Defense. You can be moving forward, taking chances and seeking out positive results or you can find yourself perpetually on the defensive where you’re stuck in a mindset of always defending, guarding and hunkering down. 

You Inc.

You Inc.

You are a business! Stop thinking small! Work, employment and making money is the new era we live in means you need to stop thinking like a clock puncher and start running a company called YOU, INC.

I Didn’t Know I Would Become An Entrepreneur In College

When I was in college I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. I studied Sociology with a emphasis on Institutional Analysis but nothing during this time got me excited about business. I watched fellow classmates gain degrees in accounting and business and had taken some of these courses as well but they were dry and boring

To Win A Promotion To A Leadership Role, You Must Already Be a Leader

One of the longest-running debates in history centers on whether great leaders are made or born. It’s a “chicken or the egg” question for which there’s no definitive answer, and I’m not about to try. What I will say is that a great business executive demonstrates strong leadership abilities well before those abilities are recognized with a job title and a corner office.