You Inc.

You are a business! Stop thinking small!

Work, employment and making money is the new era we live in means you need to stop thinking like a clock puncher and start running a company called YOU, INC.

Artificial intelligence and automation is coming to make your current job obsolete so instead of just hanging around hoping to be the last one let go, it’s time to rebrand yourself.  You have skills, you have knowledge, but that alone might not be enough. Start by building new skills, learn in diverse areas, improve your communication (many people lack in this area) and get creative.

Those with the ability to think creatively and bring innovative ideas will have a vital place in an emerging era.

Start building a solid resume and brand image of yourself.

  1. Make your LinkedIn stellar and professional.

  2. Cut out and eliminate any immature social media activity.

  3. Grow your knowledge. The answer isn’t necessarily more school but more self-education. Learn something new and even consider starting a small side business.

  4. Learn new trending technologies and have a strong working grasp of the terminology. Don’t let yourself appear obsolete and out of touch. There is no excuse to let this pass you by.

  5. Perfect your communication skills. Good verbal communication can set you apart from so many people.

  6. Be professional in everything you do. Image is everything.