I’m an Entrepreneur, CEO/Athlete and student of longevity science, fitness, philosophy and history. 

Professionally, I’m a 6-time Inc. 5000 CEO who built and leads an award-winning national company. I also enjoy strategizing and working with aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and organizations of all sizes. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to consult and learn from some of the most successful people in their trade. NBA World Champions, Grammy Award winning artists and Fortune 500 CEO’s. I’m big a believer that success leaves clues and by soaking up knowledge from proven winners, one can create their own unique formula for success.

I’m a contributing writer for Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, TechCo, and various other outlets. I’ve also authored the “Entrepreneur's Field Manual” where I outline what it takes to start, build, grow and lead a highly successful company from the ground up with no outside investors.

I love to inspire others in the areas of entrepreneurship, health, fitness, body and mind. I’ll be covering my interesting discoveries and thoughts as I chronicle my personal quest for ultimate health & performance. Currently, I’m working on a new book that covers life optimization in today’s ever changing world. 

In my personal time, I enjoy spending it with my family and I’m constantly learning and growing. When it comes to athletics, I’ve competed in over 35 races that have included (triathlons, marathons, open ocean swims & cycling). I’ve studied Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Boxing and am a former Collegiate basketball player who can still hit the NBA range 3 pointer well over 50% of the time.

ERnie's FAst FActs

  • 6x Inc. 5000 CEO

  • 2x Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" Semi-Finalist.

  • Led company to four years on the Deloitte Technology Fast-500 of North America rankings.

  • Personally bootstrapped and built a successful national company with no outside investment.

  • 2018 Insurance Entrepreneur of the Year - Gold Stevie Award.

  • Author of the Entrepreneur’s Field Manual

  • Regular contributor to various business and entrepreneur focused magazines.

  • Former collegiate basketball player, martial arts enthusiast & have competed in over 35 competitive events (triathlons, endurance swims, 1/2 marathons & cycling)

  • Led company to the Entrepreneur 360 Award "Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America"

  • Enjoy science, health, fitness and longevity research. Student of paleo, ancestral fitness & biohacking.