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I've included some powerful tools for those who want to take their business, mind, body to the next level! This is a growing collection of my courses, books and recommended products I personally use.  



Basic entrepreneur Startup Training (B.E.S.T)

Learn how I bootstrapped and built an 8-figure business from the ground up! I have over 5 hours of video content packed with battle tested advice and tips that every entrepreneur needs to know. I’m giving insight about what it takes but build a real business. You also get a FREE copy of my book, The Entrepreneur's Field Manual.

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The entrepreneur's Field Manual

From the mental preparation necessary, through the steps you must follow to organize and grow a successful business, this book details the lessons and tips that Ernie learned bootstrapping his firm into a multi-million-dollar company. 


Maximize social media impact for minimal cost

When it comes to winning in business you have to have a powerful social media strategy. The problem is that so many businesses have accounts yet they don't leverage them for maximum impact! In this course I will show you how to truly optimize your strategy and get maximum results for minimal costs.