4 Life Truths That Will Wake You Up

Too often in life we operate in a reactive state. We depend on the answers and opinions of others for acceptance. We get frustrated with things beyond our control and live in the past, stuck where there is no resolution except negativity.

Here’s 4 areas where you can choose to break free and live life your way.


1. Stop thinking everyone else has the answers. Too often in life, people are looking for the hidden secrets. There are none. The reality is you can figure out most things on your own. Also, the “answers” for someone else might not be the solution that works for you. If you set out to seek knowledge and find it out on your own, you’ll discover much of what people tell you is just baseless speculation. Find the truth yourself. 

2. You control how you react to everything. That’s right, much of the way we feel is caused by our own imagination. If you are spending everyday getting upset about things you have no control over then you are fighting a useless battle. Don’t devote any energy or effort to outside factors that have no effect on your life. Your true energy should focus on positive things that can move you ahead toward your goals. You’ll be a much happier person.

3. Time moves fast. You can’t sit around living in the past or worrying anxiously about the future. You need to enjoy the moment you are in and look toward the future with a positive anticipation. Too many people who succeeded in the past, cling to their past glory and conversely those who made mistakes long ago can never let them go. Life is short, so cherish the now and remember each day is part of the journey. The victory is “in the journey”. 

4. What others think of you doesn’t matter. That’s right, don’t spend your life trying to gain acceptance and sense of worth from others. Everyone is on their own individual journey and their opinions about you should have no effect. Living to be accepted by others is the fastest way to ensure you’ll never become the person you want to be. If people are negative stay away. Focus on those who are supportive and bring positivity into your life.