I Didn’t Know I Would Become An Entrepreneur In College

When I was in college I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do when I graduated. I studied Sociology with a emphasis on Institutional Analysis but nothing during this time got me excited about business. I watched fellow classmates gain degrees in accounting and business and had taken some of these courses as well but they were dry and boring. The word entrepreneurship wasn’t ever mentioned once. It wasn’t until I started working for an insurance carrier a few years later as an adjuster did the entrepreneurial drive kick in. It was a feeling inside that said… I don’t want to work here in a cubicle! I have better ideas that can streamline this process of claims and I want to start my own company servicing a niche I spotted. I had no real training or knowledge so I studied up on my own, started reading business magazines, ie. Inc, Fast Company..etc. and got inspired. Eventually I took the leap, started small and drove forward being completely self taught.

Nothing in college prepared me for the challenges of being an entrepreneur, it was my own personal drive and desire teach myself what I had to learn.

I always tell people… college alone won’t make you a success, you have to make yourself a success by being a life long learner and a seeker of knowledge.