What I Learned In The Corporate World

I’m a very positive and enthusiastic person but as an entrepreneur at heart, the corporate world I experienced was the inspiration for me to take the entrepreneurial leap.

The corporate world can be a rough place for those with little to no experience on it’s true inner workings. It can be an eye opener for the naive and can demoralize your inner drive.

After graduating from college and having absolutely zero real world business experience, I came in at the bottom and was frankly clueless. Oh, did I have a lot to learn.

  1. The most qualified people aren’t always in charge. That’s right, people in many of the lower and middle management positions were simply unqualified and poor leaders. Most of their day was spent in maintaining their position and ensuring nobody outshined them. This often led to low morale.

  2. Office politics are real. Following #1 this goes hand in hand. The lure of future promotions and the fight to gain the attention of senior executive leadership created an often tense environment where teamwork was rare and employees were looking to step on others to move up.

  3. The best ideas were often ignored. Those with creative ideas who brought them to management often had them stolen and repackaged by the supervisors. Creativity and trying new approaches were generally ignored leaving the company stagnant.

  4. Entrepreneurs don’t flourish. If you have the mindset of an entrepreneur who is wanting to drive forward change, bring creativity and innovation and move fast, the corporate world wasn’t the place. It was the spark that inspired me to take the leap and strike out on my own.

So what did I learn during my corporate years? I learned how to build a dynamic company that would be the opposite of what I experienced. I would build the company where I wished I had worked. The lessons I learned on how NOT to run a company has enabled me to build a leading firm while at the same time give employees a chance to excel where I didn’t in the corporate world.

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