7 Tips For Entrepreneurs In 2019


1. When you wake up each day, get excited about what you want to accomplish.

Every day is a new start and a chance to make a difference. Don’t let the day control you. Get out and make something good happen. Don't focus on what you could have done yesterday but instead focus on what you will do today.

2. Never Get Complacent

Business is about competition, hard work and action. The moment you think you've made it is the moment you've failed. Why? Because all too often that's the moment you take your eye off the ball. Remember, success requires constant action, innovation and desire to keep pushing forward.

3. It’s Okay To Ask For Help

There’s no way you can know everything. It’s okay to admit it. Unlike some people who think that an MBA or some mythical accomplishment allows them to be the enlightened ones, true business leaders aren’t afraid to seek the right help. This allows them to focus on what they are good at and allows specialists to do their job.

4. Don’t Sacrifice Your Health

Nothing is worth losing your health over. Building a business is stressful and it takes a lot out of you. Be sure not to skimp on sleep, proper nutrition, and maintaining your mental health. Stress can wear you out so take some time to relax!

5. Stay True To The Mission

You’re going to have ups and downs, that’s just part of running a company. If you can stay focused and keep the goal in sight and make minor adjustments along the way, you won’t lose course. The biggest mistakes happen when you lose sight of your mission and get sidetracked with trivial things. Be aware of our surroundings but at the same time you need an overwhelming tunnel vision focused on the ultimate goal that eliminates minutiae from taking you off target.

6. Built To Last Not Built To Bail

I’m a believer in building a company with a long term focus in mind. That’s not to say that those who build a company to exit are doing it wrong. What I’m saying is, that if all you are focused on is an exit, you take the risk of ignoring the vital importance of building a strong foundation. Focus on perfecting amazing products and services first and foremost and you'll often find the rest takes care of itself. Too many put the cart before the horse thinking they are the next Unicorn.

7. Never Stop Learning!

Learning never stops. I love to read and learn everything I can about new technologies, ideas and insight of successful people. You just never know where you might come up with your next source of inspiration or a new idea. Great plans can often come from stretching your mind and learning something new. Those who stay stagnant rarely succeed...... so take action and grow your mind!

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