9 Ways To Raise Your Game In Life

1. Focus on what you can do to optimize your health. Eat healthy, get some exercise, avoid alcohol and drugs and work to keep your stress low. Keep it simple and only do things that are going to help you operate at your peak performance. 

2. Keep growing as a person. Learn, gain new skills, read books, study and don’t stay stagnant. Work to improve yourself just a little bit every day. Every positive thing you can do will help you become an even better version of yourself. We never stop growing. 

3.  Don’t worry what others think of you. You can’t waste your time turning away from your dreams in hopes of being accepted by others. Trying to impress others in hopes of acceptance is a path to nowhere. Focus on those who are a positive influence and support you. 

4. Only focus on what you can control, ignore the rest. Remember you can only do your best and focus on what you CAN do. Too often people spend their time worried about things that have no effect on their lives. 

5. Say “No” more. Your time is valuable. Saying “No” to more things ( meetings, lunches, dinners, events and gatherings ) will give you more time to focus on what really matters. There is power in No. 

6. Sleep. If you aren’t getting the deep restorative sleep you need, your body is not fully repairing itself. Sleep is so valuable yet all too often we don’t realize that so many problems we have are simply a result of poor sleep. 

7. Think long term vs. short term.  We live in a society of now and on demand. Unfortunately, success and winning in life is a “long term” process. It takes small victories that add up over time to achieve goals. Short term thinking ends so many dreams way too early. 

8. Cut out negativity. Negativity is a poison to success. Don’t associate with people who bring this thinking into your life. Focus on positive and uplifting people. Negative people, thoughts and news all sink our mood and well being. 

9. Be a light that shines for others. That’s right, we can be a beacon of hope for others. By bringing energy, enthusiasm and a positive being to those around us, we lift up people in ways we don’t realize. We can inspire and help people see the light in themselves. 

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