5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity



There may be times in your life where you feel sluggish and things aren’t going your way. You’re stuck in the doldrums of life. It happens to every one but the key is not staying there. So how do you kick it into high gear? Here’s 5 Things you can do right away!

  1. You dial up your outputs and activity. When you stop sitting around and take action and produce more activity, that in itself gets the engine going. Whenever you feel your “motivation” is low. Get moving, do things, get in motion and increase your output.

  2. Create routine. Working hard and achieving goals require a consistent and daily routine. Whatever it is you want to accomplish you have to do something everyday that supports your progress toward the goal. It must be something that’s not negotiable and you do it day in and day out. There’s not instant overnight success here, it’s daily consistency.

  3. Keep a log or journal. Write it down. I keep a daily workout journal and notes of my daily activity. It reinforces your routine and documents it. Why? Because you can see how far you come, take notes on what worked and what didn’t. It also allows you to go back sometime in the future and rediscover what was working when you were on your path. It also lets you see all of the obstacles you overcame. Document your journey.

  4. Focus on the “small” victories. Success and ultimate achievement is merely a compilation of thousands of tiny little wins you gained along the way. It’s the growth, the experience, the knowledge and work that instills the fire within me. The victory is IN the journey. This IS the motivation, because once you achieve the goal, you know you had the “motivation” to make it happen.

  5. Don’t underestimate the power of your health. Many of us feel unproductive not because we are lazy or unable to achieve and work hard. We are simply not fueling our bodies properly or you aren’t getting enough sleep. Change your diet into eating super healthy, get rid of the alcohol and get proper sleep and you will feel energized like never before.