The Life Of A CEO?


Many might think it's life on the beach? Wrong! The CEO is the person who runs the company. The buck stops with them.

With that title though comes immense responsibility. I am speaking from the mindset of a bootstrap entrepreneur who built a company from the ground up with not a penny of outside investment.

I take my job seriously and ultimately most major decisions end up coming from me.

So what does a CEO do from my perspective. Here’s just a few off the top of my head.

  1. You have to motivate and inspire your entire company and get everyone to buy into the vision. You are the inspirational leader.

  2. You have to create a great strategy, know the marketplace and keep your company competitive.

  3. You are the face of the company and you need to create the culture that defines your mission. Positive, forward thinking and driven.

  4. Be ready to take risks and make countless decisions in various areas of the company with the input of department executives.

  5. You need to make sure there is money in the bank, spend wisely and ensure you keep the company on a strong footing.

  6. Accept responsibility and ownership that you are the one guiding the ship and do the best of your ability at all times, make every decision in the best interests of the company and do the right thing.