6 Simple Tips That Can Improve Your Health

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So often when it comes to health and fitness, people seek the complex answers instead of the easy ones. Why? Because we want the silver bullet, the secret sauce or the magical potion. It’s more exciting than talking about the “boring” stuff.

You know what though, it’s the boring stuff that’s the foundation to great health, and here’s 6 tips that can make a huge difference.

Food-  You probably need less food than you think. So many portions at the restaurants I eat at are huge! There’s tons of hidden calories that can sneak up on you fast. By simply limiting your portions, ordering healthier options and skipping the dessert, you can set yourself up for success. Avoid the sauces and hidden calories. Remember, the simpler the better.

Eat For Your Body -  Don’t be tempted to follow fad diets. You have to realize that every person is unique and we all react to certain foods differently. You might do better on a low carb diet while another person may do better on a higher fat one or vice versa. It could benefit you to visit a dietitian or nutritionist and have food allergy and genetic tests done to see what’s best for your makeup. I did this and completely revamped my diet for the better. Here’s a sample of just a few things you can find out. I did my test through a company called DNAfit.

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Sleep - Sleep isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. Cutting corners on sleep only taxes your body and brain. In our go go go society, we are made to feel that if you take naps or rest you’re lazy, but think about it. If there’s no time for your body to repair and restore itself, you’ll never be operating at peak peformance. So many positive things happen during deep restorative sleep you just need to make it a priority. You’ll feel the difference and do wonders for your body and cognitive health. One way to see is to use a sleep tracking app. I use my iPhone and sync it with an app that tracks heart rate, movement and amount of sleep by stage.


Hydrate -  No, you don’t need to overdo it but many people are in a constant state of dehydration and don’t even realize it. Make it a habit to drink water when you wake up and replenish yourself from the previous night. Headaches, tiredness and other symptoms that make you feel just a little bit “off” can be attributed to simple dehydration. I add some powdered electrolytes to my water to add some flavor.

Walk More -  This simple basic function we do everyday can deliver amazing results to your health.  It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just try to get in 30-45 minutes of walking a day. I used to compete in triathlons, endurance events and ocean swims but now I walk more than I ever did doing those other activities combined. Less pounding, great workouts and my VO2 max ( the maximum amount of oxygen I can utilize during exercise) still seems to keep improving. 

Strength Training - No, you don’t need to do pounding or ballistic movements and heaving weights to get stronger. You don’t have to swing kettlebells or deadlift massive weight. You can do simple body weight exercises or even exercise bands like Tom Brady and make great progress. The key is putting resistance on your muscles and maintaining strength. In reality, massive workloads don’t really add as many gains as people think.

See…. 6 easy common sense tips. They may seem boring to those looking for the forever “elusive” hidden secrets but these are the foundation to true health.

Get healthy and fit and take care of yourself!

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