Should You Become An Entrepreneur Or Employee?


Becoming an entrepreneur simply isn’t for everyone and you know what, that’s okay! Nobody should ever feel pressured to become something they don’t have the drive and ambition to go after.

There are certainly careers and paths I have no interest in taking and that doesn’t mean I’m either special or deficient. I can’t play any instruments and have no interest in learning. There are people who have passions that I don’t and they excel in areas I would never even be close to being good at.

We are all are on our own path.

Remember entrepreneurs are not special, it’s simply a path for some and not all. Being an employee is not bad, just as being an entrepreneur is not necessarily great. It depends on you and your own goals.

I’m not going to write a long dissertation on the benefits of being an entrepreneur vs. an employee because I’m sure most have likely weighed some of the pros and cons.

The message I want to get across is that each have their benefits and their drawbacks. It really comes down to you inside. Your goals, drive and mission.

That’s my two cents.