Here's Some Career Advice For Those In Their 20's

Don’t worry or stress about your career.

Too much of our lives today center around putting unneeded pressure on ourselves and trying to achieve some semblance of “success” quickly to achieve some societal “approval” whether it’s from friends or family.

It’s easy to say in hindsight but the reality is when you are in your early 20’s, you’re just trying to figure things out. I didn’t know what the heck I wanted to do and was clueless. It is a confusing time making the transition from school/college into the working world. It was at least for me.

The goal at this point is to build a solid base of skills and knowledge.

I don’t care if you have top grades and a diploma from a great university, you still have to start building “real world” skills.

The best thing you can do it become a sponge and try different things during your 20’s. Keep learning, growing and building a base of transferable skills as you seek to find the career you are pulled toward. The jobs you work during this time are all about growth. Sure, some people might find that right career during this time but a lot of us don’t and that’s okay.

I was so worried during these years that my career would end up a failure because I couldn’t find my niche. It seemed like everyone was passing me by and moving up in their lives but I was stuck.

In hindsight, had I just relaxed and focused on personal growth, I would have been much happier and lowered my stress. If you take the time investing in yourself, try new things, have a positive attitude and have a strong work ethic in whatever you do, things are going to work out.

Just have some patience and put in the work. Relax, be patient and enjoy this time.