How Tony Robbins Inspired Me To Take Action


It was just a regular spring evening around 1997 and I was getting ready to relax and watch some mindless TV when I got the call.

I was a field appraiser for an insurance company. A boring job but paid the bills. I was on call for the weekend shift and at 8:30 p.m. I was required to drive 100 miles one way to assess a damage claim. That’s 200 miles round trip and I wouldn’t be home until past midnight. There went my weekend. 

My brother volunteered to join me on the trip and grabbed some CD’s he had from Personal Power II. 

Now I’d seen parts of Tony Robbin’s informercial during that time but never really listened to the message. 

This was a time in my life I was stuck in a dead end job, managed my incompetent supervisors and I had a jealousy of all the seemingly “rich” people with high paying jobs during the dotcom boom. While I was grinding away a a job far below my skillset and what I was worth, others were rolling in the cash. I’d picked the wrong career. 

The next 4 hours though, fired me up, got me inspired and struck a chord in my decision to take action. Driving on that dark lonely road with the windows down, my brother and listening to the booming voice of Robbins. I knew I could move forward and ignite my inner entrepreneur. 

I then read Awaken the Giant Within and began to create a new mindset. 

Within 3 years I begin to try new ventures, failed at all 3 but by 2003 I launched what would become my winning idea!

I perserved, didn’t give up and kept taking action. Has it been easy? NO. But some of the tools and inspiration I got, I attribute to those CD’s in 1997.

I’ve always been a big believer in learning as much as possible from various sources. Flood your mind with knowledge, inspire yourself and get motivated for positive momentum. If you are sitting still you’re falling behind. Go out be a person of action and go after your dreams!