Studies On Exercise, Cognition, Muscle Memory and Insulin Sensitivity

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I’m always looking to discover new data and studies that can help expand my knowledge and improve my health & fitness. This past week I’ve found several interesting ones that are great for those of you who enjoy a little scientific reading. Enjoy!


The University of Maryland released a study that discusses the benefits of exercise on the brain and blood flow. As a one who is always looking to drive peak cognitive performance, this is an interesting study as it shows that exercise might help prevent dementia. Science Daily


A study from the American Academy of Neurology released a study that talks about how exercise helps improve thinking skills. This is yet another article that supports the role of exercise in cognitive function and thinking. Science Daily


This study discusses how short resistance workouts increase of muscle mass and better insulin sensitivity in overweight men.  Medical Xpress


Lastly, here’s a review I found on Frontiers that dispels the myth that if you don’t use your muscles you lose them. The following link is a great read! Frontiers In Science