How Change Can Be Powerful In Your Life

All too often we get stuck in ruts. Not necessarily intentionally but sometimes life just seems to “get in the way”. We get derailed by the day to day part of living.

Here’s the deal, changing your life in a positive direction doesn’t always mean massive change. It can be so simple that just a few course corrections can lead to huge results!

The only thing in life that is consistent is change. As my grandmother who lived to 100 wrote before she passed away…. 


So what CAN you do to set yourself up for success and tip the odds in your favor for positive outcomes?

Here’s 10 simple ways to change your life.

  1. Meditate - Take time to break away from the hectic world and simply get out in a quiet location, breathe and let your mind think of nothing. You need moments of uninterrupted peace. I know it’s hard but it can deliver big results.

  2. Try building a side business - Want to take the entrepreneurial leap? Try creating a small business in your free time. You’ll gain valuable skills, maybe some extra money and possibility the launch of a new career.

  3. Write down a list of goals - Get out a notebook and make a list of things you want to accomplish. Set time frames and record daily your results. Writing things down creates more accountability.

  4. Walk every day - Simple and easy. I walk 30-45 minutes a day. Just moving and getting outside can really clear your mind. Consistency is the key.

  5. Sleep - I used to read this and say to myself. Yeah, that’s so easy but in reality most of us are not getting enough sleep. Too much information overload and inability to turn off leads to sluggish days. The benefits of sleep if you really dial it in are amazing.

  6. Cut negativity out of your life - Yep! Don’t associate or hang around those who are negative. They hold you back and hamper your goals. If your friends are negative go find some new friends.

  7. Turn off the news - Talk about negativity, the news can hurt your mood and sap your motivation. Everything is sensationalized and facts are often in short supply. Pull away and focus on positive things around you. Worrying about things that have no daily effect on your life is a waste of energy.

  8. Take care of yourself - That’s right. Contrary to what some might say, it’s not selfish. If you are not optimized and operating at your full potential, how can you be the best YOU that you can be? You have to ensure you don’t neglect your health, mental well being and life to fulfill what you think others expect.

  9. Rarely drink if at all - Some of you might hate this but the reality is that heavy alcohol use damages your health in the long term. It’s not a positive influence in your life and really contributes to a lot of problems. Focus on doing what’s good for your body.

  10. Be producer not a consumer - Too many people are simply consumers. Buying, buying, buying and never satisfied. Create. Do some art, write, draw, play music. When you produce and create there’s a positive energy and excitement. Bring out your talents and show the world.

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