My Top 7 CEO Productivity Hacks


Almost everyone wants the shortcut to success. They want to “hack” their way to results without having to go through the long slog it takes to figure out the way forward. For those of you looking for a few nuggets, here you go!

  1. Turn off your news feeds and turn off the news in general. It’s mainly negative and sucks away your time. Focus on the positive.

  2. Filter your email and block the junk. You need to take control of your email. Very little makes it into my inbox. 

  3. Move, walk and talk. I make sure I walk at minimum 30 minutes a day. I often conduct meetings on my walks. This helps me maximize my productivity.

  4. Say “NO” to meetings as often as possible. When you have them, make them short. Many meetings are a waste of time.

  5. Have a daily “to do” list and focus on 4-5 key goals you want to accomplish.

  6. Never have meetings before 10:00 am. I like to be fully caught up before having any meeting. You’ll be much less rushed and more focused.

  7. Sleep in with no alarm. That’s right, I allow myself to wake up naturally and it ends up still being early. Sleep is so vital to success and you need it to stay mentally sharp and repair your body. Sleeping is not being lazy.