How Do You Handle Self Doubt As An Entrepreneur?

You’re always going to have self doubt. We’re human.

The key is to take the doubt, acknowledge it and then lock it away. Spend your energy and focus on the mission of building a successful business.

Personally, when I had self doubt early on, I would double down and work that much harder than I thought I needed to. Focus on the small wins and start adding more and more of them. Sooner than later you’ll start to gain momentum and that can go a long way in erasing doubt.

Just remember, giving it your all and trying hard to succeed is all you can ask of yourself. If you succeed, great!… if not, it doesn’t mean the end. If you fail, you get back up and keep moving forward.

Anytime you have doubt, keep in mind, what’s the worst that can happen? In reality, nothing that serious. You’ll get some bumps and bruises but keep seeking the small wins as they WILL add up.

Get into the ring and start giving it your all.

Sure you’ll take some punches but if you can go the distance and not quit, you’ll often find yourself a winner!

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