15 Brutal Truths Of Becoming An Entrepreneur

15 Brutal Truths

  1. College degrees and MBA’s don’t make an entrepreneur.

  2. You don’t always need a lot of money to start a business.

  3. Raising money doesn't mean you are or will be a success.

  4. Most people who talk a big game about business know very little.

  5. Choose your business partners wisely.

  6. If you can’t manage yourself you can’t manage others or your business.

  7. There are many fakers who act and pretend to be entrepreneurs.

  8. If you think you’ll make money fast you’re dreaming.

  9. Building a company is stressful, tiring and can drain your confidence.

  10. Work life balance doesn’t exist.

  11. If your business isn’t profitable you don’t have a real business.

  12. Nobody can’t be fired up 100% of the time. Those who pretend aren’t real.

  13. Watch out for hanger ons and those that don't add value.

  14. Don’t take advice or listen to people who aren’t successful themselves.

  15. Most people don’t know what it takes to lead or have the stamina to persevere during adversity.