How To Think Of Startup Ideas

Here’s the funny part. I ended up becoming successful in an industry I originally had NO interest in being in at first. Yes, that’s right. I wanted to find something else but my true path was in front of my eyes.

I tried to co-build an online music/magazine with my brother, I tried to sell real estate, online fitness coaching, helping my wife selling antiques.. etc. All with limited success.

I was trying everything I could do to get out of the insurance industry. The truth is, I actually knew so much about auto insurance claims that the reason I wanted to leave was because it was an antiquated, paper centric mess. This was the catalyst that finally got me to start my company! Yes, I was so fed up with seeing the inefficiencies that I said, hell, I will start a company that solves the problem.

And I did.

So what are the best ways to think of start up ideas? It’s to look around right in front of you. Look for the simple problems that can be solved. It might be in a job you are in right now. There might be a vendor that services your company or an area your company has trouble in and they look outside for help. Look for the niche that maybe someone else has never filled.

Often it’s the niche solution that can become the most lucrative.

My point is that you don’t have to invent the next Facebook, Snapchat or Uber. You can build a very very successful business in areas that might see mundane. Just remember some niches might already be staring you in the face. You just have to open your eyes.

Here’s an episode you can listen to on how I did it.