5 Tips For Process Improvement In Your Business

Process Improvement

If you want to succeed in today's business environment you have to find ways to streamline operations, lower costs, increase efficiency and eliminate waste.

Realistically, very few companies actually analyze their operations to determine whether workflows and processes can be improved. This leads to stagnation and loss of market share as new agile competitors enter the market.

Here are 5 quick tips one can apply for maximum results in any type of business:

  1. Analyze your current processes in detail. Are they successfully delivering the service and quality your customers are seeking? Don't just assume your methods are effective and productive. Truly review your current workflow and find out what your customers want and if their needs have changed.

  2. Once you review all of your processes you must ask yourself, " What can I do to eliminate wasted steps, procedures or nonessential policies which add no value." Sure, some operational tasks are necessary to make the business operate but every minute one can save eliminating or reducing time spent on non-productive tasks can save hundreds if not thousands of hours. Your staff can use these extra hours to focus on your company's core mission.

  3. Measure your results. You don't need a detailed statistical analysis or complex data sets but take time to measure the specific metrics which are important to your business. It can be as easy as administering a time motion study to see how long it takes an employee to complete a specific task and then find ways to improve.

  4. Leverage technology whenever possible. Work to automate mundane tasks, which are not key to your service or product delivery while finding ways to use technology to bring more efficiency to your business.

  5. Don't underestimate the value of your employees. A lean and efficient workforce is key to having a successful business, but you need the right number of employees to prevent burnout and maintain high morale. Hiring the most qualified people is essential as well as continual skill building of current employees.

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