What Makes A Good CEO?


Here’s the deal. As a CEO you need a general working knowledge of sales, strategy, finance, marketing, etc. but you don’t have to know it all. You have to be able to put great teams together that can execute your vision. Simply going to college and getting a degree in finance or business doesn’t train you to become a CEO. It only gives you the tools that you can draw upon when or if you become one.

In my opinion the key is “Leadership”.

Leadership by far is most important. See, you can learn sales, marketing, financials etc. But nothing can beat a highly motivated, inspirational leader.

As the CEO, I believe you have to bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm into the job. Your mission is to be the visionary who can motivate the entire organization into driving toward success.

If the CEO is a dull, boring, paper pusher and has the “corporate” financial “suit” mold, you’ll simply have yet another boring company. Yes many CEO’s fit that mold because investors and companies feel “safe” with boring.

For companies though, that truly want to become the best, a driven inspirational leader who connects with the employees and brings the message to everyone can deliver far better results in the long run.

So there’s your answer. Leadership is key. Study as much as you can about top leaders, leadership and how to manage people. If you can do that effectively you can handle everything else.


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