How To Become More Charismatic

The biggest keys to energizing people and being charismatic is to bring energy, enthusiasm and authenticity. It’s that simple. It’s hard not to get excited about something when the person who is talking to you is upbeat, positive and enthusiastic.

You can learn to become more charismatic by.

  1. Being yourself and be authentic. By being yourself and connecting with others you create a genuine bond with people. Those who put on a “fake” persona aren’t real and people can detect that. The best version of you is “YOU”. Too often people falsely think in their minds that they are inferior and as a result pretend to be what they think others want them to be. Don’t fall into that trap. Be yourself.

  2. Bring energy to everything you do. You have to bring a buzz or excitement to what you are doing. Nothing is worse than a person with no energy. They sap the room full of life and bring everyone down. The quickest way to get people to rally around you is with energy.

  3. Lastly, enthusiasm. This is similar to energy but this is the confidence and forward looking energy that truly gets everyone to want to join you on your mission. When you mesh energy, enthusiasm and authenticity you have the perfect formula for charisma.