What Keeps Me Motivated?

I wake up every day motivated to be the best I can be. Sure that might sound cheesy but what drives me are a few things;

  1. I have a driven personality that likes to compete, I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder to prove myself in business and enjoy building a company from the ground up.
  2. I’m motivated to create a great life for my family and also teach my kids how to be successful so they have a good role model. By leading by example they learn the values and traits to forge their own success. It inspires me everyday to inspire them.
  3. I’m motivated for all of my employees and the company I’ve built. I have a huge responsibility to make my organization a place where they can continue to grow their careers, provide stability and better their skills.
  4. To me it’s an internal drive to reach my potential and at the same time lift others up around me.