The Words You Say And Think Can Change Your Life


If you knew of a way to lower stress, feel better and actually set yourself up for success in life, would you be interested?

Well, much of that power is in what you say and think. 


That’s right, the words you speak and thoughts you generate internally have a direct correlation in affecting your body chemistry, health and mental outlook. This in turn can influence so many other aspects of your life. For many it’s the difference between success and failure.    

The reality is that by saying negative things and internalizing negative thoughts, you can end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. One in which you’re more likely to fail and never reach your full potential.

As we become older, many people have created a pattern of unconscious negativity and  have an ongoing mindset that feeds on this type of thinking.

Unfortunately, this pattern is so ingrained that it creates a negative feeling that makes one feel like there is no hope for a positive outcome. However, positive change is within your reach!

It’s all in your words.

I know, some of you will laugh ( with negativity ) and think what I’m saying is just some “positive thinking” nonsense.  Nonetheless, one can’t deny how beneficial it is to focus on eliminating negativity and concentrating on positive words and thoughts.  

Here’s five examples of the negative statements that should be tossed from your vocabulary. It’s time to break free and get out of the rut!

1. I’m too old. This statement places a label on yourself in your mind and only serves to create limiting thoughts and behavior. You’re never too old to live, learn and grow. Saying you’re too old causes you to embody a persona that doesn’t match your true situation. There are individuals 90 years old parachuting out of airplanes and teaching Yoga. Dump that limiting mindset ASAP!

2. It’s too hard to change. By telling yourself that, you again put up a roadblock mentally. Life moves fast and we all have to adapt to change. Change is the only constant we can count on. Sure it might be difficult, but change can be good and it can also be positive.

3. I can’t. That statement has destroyed the success of so many people who would have achieved great accomplishments. They had the talent, the skill and the ability but they didn’t believe in themselves. They believed they “couldn’t do it.”  Actually, it was their mind lying to them.  Kick “can’t” out of your vocabulary!

4. It’s too late. Again, this is a negative statement signaling your mind to give up and lose hope. Too late for what? It’s never “too late” to try and go after your dreams. Life is short and it’s never too late as long as you are alive.

5. I don’t have time. This statement is another negative excuse. You CAN make the time to do something positive, you just have to eliminate the distractions. So many people waste time doing things of little value. Playing on their phones, surfing the web, watching negative news and partying. The time is here and now, you just have to own it!

The key is what you verbalize and think has the ability to manifest itself into something good or bad. Not by magic but by all of the different things that are put into action based on these words. Negative words create negative emotions, cortisol release and actions that continue the down cycle. Conversely, positivity and enthusiastic energy can lead to the likelihood of more productive and favorable outcomes.

Start moving in the right direction, Now!