The Reality Of Building A Business

Nobody likes to talk about it but the reality of starting a business and building a company is that it’s simply not for everyone. If you knew the truth of how hard it is, you’d probably run away fast as you can.

What?!! Why would a guy like me say such a thing?

Well, today we live in a world where many feel entitled to success without having to do much of anything. I see far too many people that “feel” they deserve to run a company, have a business and enjoy the trappings of this “entrepreneur” lifestyle but don’t want to do the hard work it takes.

Some people think that building company is as easy as coming up with any idea, get some venture money, wear a hoodie, have a keg on tap in the office, enjoy some coffee shop meetings with their “successful” friends, run the company like a fraternity and act like you’ve made it. What a joke.

Hey, if you are willing to get real and get serious about being a success then I can give it to you straight. Many of the unqualified startups who often get press for receiving big investments should be ashamed of themselves for running their “companies” the way they do. The investors should be as well.

Here’s what success really looks like from someone who has grinded it out and didn’t have money just handed to them.

You’re going to feel scared. You’re going to doubt yourself. You’re going to wonder how you will be able to pay your staff. You’’ll wonder if you’ll have the money to make it to the next month. You’ll be up late at night wondering what else can you do to move your company ahead. You’ll worry if you can keep your clients. You’ll wonder why new clients aren’t knocking your doors down for your great product. You’ll wonder if you’ll even make it. You’ll have friends and family doubt you. You’ll know it is all worth it when you finally do succeed!

See, it’s not about the parties, the free flowing venture capital, the beer and fake “entrepreneur” status. It’s about grinding through almost insurmountable odds (The reality is most businesses don’t to make it.) And if you do, you’ve achieved something very impressive. And if you do it the right way, you’ll have something to be proud of.