Best Way To Use Social Media For Business


I’m often asked, “How can you use social media effectively for business?”

I think creating your own content is key. Whether it’s writing articles, filming short videos for YouTube or creating infographs & micro content. The more you can add your own unique personal touch to your social media the better. People appreciate authenticity vs. simply reposting others content all of the time. Now don’t get me wrong, sharing and interacting with others is great, but your core focus should be original content.

Your best bet is to pick one or two key social media platforms. Ideally these should be the main social media avenues that your customers are most likely to frequent. ( This is different if you are a B2B company vs. a B2C )

Once you do that, focus on good content and personalize your company. Short videos, original content, micro content and valuable information can go a long way in getting your name out. The biggest problem for most businesses is obscurity. There is so much media and noise out there these days that it’s hard to get noticed. This is why it’s essential to be laser focused on our target market.

In summary,

  1. Pick one or two key platforms.

  2. Personalize it with great content

  3. Target the right market and focus like a laser

  4. and lastly you have to be consistent. Create, publish, get feedback, refine and start the whole cycle over. Most fail in this area.