Are You Action Oriented?

Are You Action Oriented?

One of the biggest things that holds people back in life is their lack of action. There’s literally millions of amazing ideas, new products, game changing solutions and potentially life saving discoveries that end up lost forever because the people who have them never move forward. 

Taking a conscious thought and making it a reality takes the work. Often we find ways not to do things rather than reasons to. It’s easier to rationalize why something can’t be done vs. taking the steps to make it happen. That’s often the difference between those who are successful winners and those who are the whiners.

How many times have you seen an invention or a new product at the store and said to yourself, “I thought of that before!” It’s not always the people with the greatest ideas or the best skills who succeed, it’s often those who simply put their ideas into motion and make it happen.

Here’s three things you can do right now to reset your mind and become a person of action!

1 Don’t sit around being a consumer. Start being a creator. Ask yourself, what can you do to add value, create something new or improve yourself. If you take big strides in to moving forward doing positive things instead of wasting time you’re going to set yourself up for success.

2 Push yourself and get uncomfortable. Everyone likes the comfort zones but growth doesn’t happen here. You have to stretch your skills and push your boundaries. If you are scared of public speaking, take a class and overcome your fear. If you want compete in a marathon, train and go out and crush it! Achievement beyond the usual can dramatically increase your confidence.

3 Change your mindset. We live in a world full of negative influences. Just listening to the news can sink your mood. Work to surround yourself with positive supportive people, do things that elevate you spirit and build a life where your positives drastically outnumber the negatives.

While it might seem hard, once you get off the couch, take positive action, achieve goals, build confidence and eliminate negativity, you then build momentum. It then becomes easier to keep pushing forward. Before you know it, you’re actually on your way to seeing some amazing results.