Six Signs You Are An Entrepreneur At Heart

  1. You have a hard time accepting the status quo. The status quo may be just fine at times, but often progress is stalled as new ideas are quelled when people are not willing to push innovation. If you have the feeling inside or an idea that could revolutionize an department at your company or change your industry and push progress forward you may have a driving entrepreneur burning inside. Many times people are of afraid to change the status quo because that's what's accepted. Status quo it what allows many people to feel accepted as part of the group. Those who often question it are often seen as the rebels or outsiders. Those who do step outside the pack though, are the ones who drive the future.
  2. You think you could do better. Even at my first job out of the college, I always thought I could do better than those ahead of me. It may have been shortsighted but I had a competitive drive burning inside. See, it’s that competitive drive inside, the feeling that you can do better than your competitors that drives the entrepreneur to compete and become successful. There’s no way you can always be better than others but it’s that competitive instinct combined with the willingness to put in the effort that often is the spark that leads to entrepreneurial success.
  3. A low tolerance for poor quality work. Now it's understandable if you have brand-new employee or a trainee make a mistake. It happens, but those who are entrepreneurs quickly understand that poor quality work cannot be tolerated. Those who are lazy, take shortcuts and look for a way to just to get by will never succeed in the entrepreneurial world. Driven entrepreneurs demand perfection or at least the best effort by trying hard at all times. Working hard and always striving for perfection are key indicators of a success blueprint.
  4. Always coming up with new ideas and ways of thinking to improve things. If you are always thinking of new ideas and being creative, you have a trait that’s vital to being an entrepreneur. If you are finding new ways to look at a problem, solve an issue or improve upon a current method, you have another key trait of an entrepreneur. If you’re a person who wants to bring positive change and find yourself thinking about ways to bring about new and exciting solutions then you are on the right path towards success.
  5. Able to learn new concepts fast. Now, if you have the ability to learn and gain new concepts quickly even in areas or topics that you may not be familiar with, then that is a key indicator you may be built for business. In business, things change rapidly with so many different things being thrown at you. But, if you have the ability to gain a basic understanding of various concepts quickly while being able to properly delegate to appropriate people, you have yet another success trait.
  6. An entrepreneur also needs to be a leader that is able to inspire and get people energized about whatever the company’s core mission, product or vision is. Enthusiasm can be contagious and if you have that burning leadership inside, that can go a long way to driving your business success. In the corporate world you have to be able to motivate people, and get them enthused about your company. If you don’t exude energy or fire, who will?

The heartbeat of your company starts with you. A driven entrepreneur is that heartbeat.