Power Up Your Business!

Recently I was asked, "How do you maintain so much drive and energy in your business?” I thought about it for a moment and realized that for me, it is finding enthusiasm and excitement in the entire process which includes building relationships, strategizing, igniting the competitive spirit, brainstorming creative ideas and making a positive difference in peoples' lives. Here’s five key tips I've found essential.


  • Brainstorm Frequently – It’s amazing how fun it can be taking out a notepad and jotting down future plans or ideas for new products. Creative strategy sessions can often uncover new goals and ideas for innovation and is a simple way to think out loud and share thoughts about your business.
  • Don't Waste Time- I find it very helpful to carry a small notepad or iPad everywhere I go to list ideas, plans or concepts that may enhance my business. Many people waste valuable time watching too much television when they should be improving and building their business.
  • Implement New Ideas Quickly - A major mistake that I see some companies make is simply - inaction. Taking the step from concept to implementation often takes too long. Get ahead of the curve and don't hesitate to test out new ideas regularly and expedite their introduction into your company.
  • Put People First - We live in a society today that is more connected than ever but in many ways less connected when it comes to personal interaction. In business you have to put people first. Whether it is providing job security to your employees or delivering quality service to your customers, it's the people that count. Creating amazing customer experiences and building an enthusiastic team of committed and loyal employees should be the goal of every employer. It truly is the people who a make a company.

Ernie Bray is a high-energy, award-winning American entrepreneur, CEO, author and podcast host. Bray is a respected advisor in driving strategic impact in the areas of process improvement, strategy, management, social media, marketing and innovation. 

“The effort you put in today leads to the results you will get tomorrow.”