Crush Negativity And Focus On Good


If you watch the news, movies, spend hours on the internet, read the average magazine or get caught up in social media posts, the world can seem like a horrible place. In fact, so much vitriol, hate and negativity seems to permeate all of these places.

Rarely do we hear about the good things that happen in life. Positive success and achievement in fact is often overlooked.

If you’re sick and tired of negativity, it’s time to change your state of mind!

You can either continue down a destructive path that fills your body and spirit with anger and negative feelings or you can choose to strive for good. 

When you focus on eliminating negativity from your life, you are freed from the feelings and the emotions tied to this terribly destructive pattern.

  1. Turn off the TV and get away from negative shows, news and movies.  TV is one of the biggest time wasters and brainwashing tools around. Free your mind by pulling the plug. You’ll save money and time but more importantly you can now go out and do something positive.

  2. Stop wasting time excessive time on social media sites that suck away your time and lure you into emotional states of negativity and jealously. 

  3. Do something that will better your health, increase your wealth and help elevate people around you.

  4. Be a positive example, a helpful person, be friendly to others and do things grow your skillset and better yourself. 

  5. Ask yourself, are you doing something to move yourself forward in a positive direction. If not, stop and refocus on building forward momentum.