Goat Protein And Berry Ice Cream

Not all of my posts are going to be purely business, that would be simply boring. It's important to have other things you're interested in and one of mine is health, fitness and self optimization. One question I get from people is what do you eat?  So... here's a little info plus one of my latest favorite desserts. Overall, I eat a fairly paleo style diet most of the time. You know, meats, eggs, vegetables and little sugar. Over the past six months, I've been eating the following way. Coffee and fasting in the morning. Protein and vegetables mid day. Protein and carbs in the evening.

When it comes to dessert if I have any, I'll make my own hybrid method of ice cream. For those of you who cringe at the thought of so much sugar, relax.

Here's the my super quick 1 Minute Berry Ice Cream Formula

1 cup of organic milk.

Approximately 2 cups of mixed organic berries.

1 scoop of goat whey protein

Blend it up in the blender until it becomes the texture of ice cream. ( I don't mind a few chunks of fruit in it )


It's that simple.