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Here are some powerful tools for those who want to take their business, mind and body to the next level! This is a growing collection of my courses, books and recommended products I personally use and believe in! I’ll continue to update this page as I find new and interesting products.


Building a company is hard work with no guarantees and a high risk of failure. In this course I give you tips to set yourself up for success. Packed with over 5 hours of video content, I give you everything I learned along the way. I’m giving insight about what it takes but build a real business. You also get a FREE copy of my book, The Entrepreneur's Field Manual.

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I heard a lot about photobiomodulation, also referred to by many as light therapy or “red light therapy” from various sources. I did some research and decided to give it a go. My anecdotal results have been really positive. My goals are to help reduce skin aging and lower inflammation.

The entrepreneur's Field Manual

From the mental preparation necessary, through the steps you must follow to organize and grow a successful business, this book details the lessons and tips that Ernie learned bootstrapping his firm into a multi-million-dollar company. 

As a fast paced high-energy entrepreneur, I am faced with a lot of stress. To make matters worse, I naturally run at top speed a little more often than the average person. In February of 2018, I purchased the Muse headband to see if it could help me control my stress levels. I’ve now done over 3500 minutes of meditation with amazing results. I’m able to focus better and experience real “calm”. This has allowed me to train my brain to quickly reach a relaxed state. I highly recommend it!